About us

Al-Hanin Herbs is one of the leading companies in dried agricultural products. It complies with the conditions for all its customers and individuals. The company management executes the export shipment at the competitive prices and provides the highest level of product quality through an experienced team.


To achieve leadership among import and export companies around the world and to reach the consumer mind as a preferred choice by providing leading and distinctive products with a reliable brand


Focus on Quality We seek to develop our products to meet current and future customer requirements in order to reach the highest possible quality


raise the level of quality of herbs,so as to expand the base of importers in all parts of the world and to obtain customer satisfaction on both sides of quality and price

Know us

The quality and purity of our products are one of our most important goals. We develop from our company, from drying and manufacturing methods to reaching the full satisfaction of our customers.

The field of herbal medicine medicinal plants is constantly evolving and we try to keep pace with this development and always be keen to be in the forefront of Egyptian companies exporting medicinal herbs

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